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Howdy friend and welcome to the portal known as New Sex Game: you should probably be able to work out from the title alone that this place is all about giving you access to the hottest New Sex Games on the market. Instead of wasting your time on sub-par hubs that do not know how to deliver the best erotic experience possible, you should just create your account here and see what it is we have to offer, so that your cock can be given the very best in erotic gaming fun. From the very start, we've made a promise to all of the gamers out there that their needs and desires are going to come first, as well as their cocks! The team behind this project has a lot of money in the bank and because of this, we've been able to go ahead and offer you the ability to sign up here completely free of charge. It might seem weird and crazy, but we're taking a lot of motivation out of the mainstream titles out there who have managed to build impressive empires without needing to charge people for the games that they want. Suffice to say that we're putting the adult space on the map and would love for you to be able to influence the future of the industry!

World-class graphics

When push comes to shove, everyone knows that one of the most important things when it comes to giving gamers the best experience possible comes down to whether or not the games that you have to offer actually look good. We have a lot of great people employed in this space at New Sex Game and we're convinced that they're going to be able to give you a killer experience in the visual space that you probably didn't think was possible before today. When we prepared New Sex Game, it became clear to us that there were very few spots on the Internet that had attractive games capable of offering you the hot gaming fun that you wanted. These games are typically always built on Flash, which isn't suitable in the slightest for the task that everyone wants to be able to put the games up toward doing. We use Unity, which is far better and able to give you the type of material that you want if you think that quality is an important metric. We're incredibly happy to be able to give everyone out there New Sex Games' best of the best: you'll love how great these games look, that's pretty much a guarantee! Just take a quick butcher's at the tour here and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Achievements and community

Think you've got what it takes to complete these games to their finishing state? A lot of people have tried, but no one inside has managed to hit 100% completion when it comes to the adult achievements they can unlock! There's a big community vibe here on New Sex Games, and that means that we regularly give away things that you might otherwise not find in this type of platform. New Sex Games is very much looking to become a modern hangout spot for gamers – especially those that want to be able to jerk off to the best content possible. Our sphere of influence has really allowed us to communicate and network with some of the best brands out there in the space, which is then created a wonderful community effort where we can offer great prizes for people with high scores and great times. Join us and you'll see that this is pushing the limit of what adult gaming is all about – plus remember that from start to finish, the time you spend inside is 100% free. Does it get much better than that? We think not!

A wrap on New Sex Games

I think I've probably covered all that needs to be said with regard to New Sex Games. As you can probably tell, I love this space and I think that it's one of the best spots that you can visit if you're a genuine coomer who wants to get their hands on world-class adult releases. From the very start, we've been trying to get ourselves to a level where we're able to give you the cum-inducing gaming experiences that ought to send your pleasure censors to the next level. Wouldn't it be a shame to leave here without at least giving what it is we have to offer a test drive? Thanks so much for coming along and please – make sure you give our games quick looking over because believe me, once you're in, it's going to be very hard to get out! Take and may your next gaming-fueled fapping session be the best one yet.

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